SOLD! Auction: Thursday, May 22 – 3:00 P.M. Where: Kenwood Hall 900 Greeley Ave., Salina, KS

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23 Apr 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014 • 3:00 p.m.

WHERE: Kenwood Hall • Salina, KS

(Located at the Saline County Fairgrounds – 900 Greeley, Salina)

Doors open at 2:00 p.m.

  If you can’t make it to the auction go to and click on our online auction page to register and pre-bid on select items from this auction. Pre-bidding closes at 10:00 a.m. CST on the day of the auction.

Selling at 6:00 p.m.: Palmer Independence
Electric Heavy Duty 3-Wheeler.


Riderless Palmer Palmer with rider_surrey top

• Rear view mirror • Padded bench seat • One hand operation • Directional signals • Windshield • Moped wheels • New batteries • New Peak charger • Locking storage box • Slow moving vehicle sign • Removable surrey top • 550 lb capacity. 30.5” wide; 72” long; 38” high; 175 lbs without batteries. Full differential gear drive. One charge takes you up to 50 miles. 13 MPH max speed. Two prior owners.

Antiques and Collectibles: Glassware; large knife collection; cigarette lighters; 16 ga ammo; collection of foreign coins; McCoy vase; Donda doll; California pottery; vintage cookie cutters; Francoma pottery;n glass door knobs; Tom Haas miniature totem pole; Troll doll collection and Troll house; assorted sea shells;  advertising yard sticks and more.

Furniture: sells at 7 p.m. Dinette table and chairs; 3 cushion couch; swivel rocker; oak mission style bed with head and foot board; book case; dresser; end table; Cosco card table;  antique wood rocker and more.

Appliances:  Washer; dryer; chest freezer.

Household and Misc:  Vista 300X microscope; Sunbeam waffle maker; vintage jello molds;  pop corn popper; Enterprise meat grinder; records; electric skillet; glass measuring cup; place setting for 4 of Martha Stewart dishes; several sandwich plates and platters; GE microwave; toaster; covered pie plate; blue stem glasses; 20″ box fan; canning jars; assorted tins; Panasonic VHS player; planter frogs; wood carving from Ecuador and more.

Tools and garden supplies: Pipe wrenches; 1/4″ drill stand; Lee Hardware salesman catalog; display with Wright & McGill geniune Eagle Claw hooks; fishing poles; selection of key blanks;  ladders; garden hose; shovels; racks; lawn mower; gas cans; trowels; shop vac;  and more.













1 Qty 3: Frost Cutlery Green Beret Folder Knife #15-059 B; Park Ranger II #15-076RUB; Delta Ranger Flying Falcon  #15-208B
2 Qty 4: Recon Specialist #15-912B; Delta Ranger #15-208CA; Marine Re-Con #15-263S; Little Grizzly #15-297SS
3 Qty: 4: Delta Ranger camo #15-208CA; Delta Ranger II #15-293S/B; YK2 2000 #15-345B; Hurricane #15-348B
4 Qty 5: Fighting Falcon #15-305; YK2 2000II #15-345B; Silver Knight #15-365SS; Silver Eagle #15-372W/Slots; Delta Ranger #15-387R/B
5 Qty 5: YK2 2000II #15-345B; Delta Ranger #15-387R/B; Hammerhead #15-404; Silencer Rescue #15-575B; The Tracker #15-859B
6 Qty 6: Silver Legend #15-409SS; Shadow Stinger #15-493B: Eagle Scout #15-457BS; HawkeyeI #15-456SS; The Commander #15-494: Chigger #15-520B
7 Qty 5: Shadow Stinger #15-493B; Safari Dweller #15-586CA; Cade’s Cove #15-601RW; Kit Tanning Trail #15-607PW; Silencer Rescue #15-575B
8 Qty 6: The Boxer #15-835PW; Hyperion Field Tip #15-608PW; ATF #15-680B; Border Patrol #15-681R; Banshee Folder #15-687BL; Re-Con Specialist #15-912B
9 Qty 5: Catawba Trail #15-873PW; Recon Specialist #15-912B; Chief Cut A Trail #15-978BL; Panther Creek Folder #15-775B; Peacemaker #15-852PW;
10 1 box with set of 4 knives “Little Shamokin” #15-590SET
11 Qty 5: Phobus Tactical #15-858PW; Still Silence #15-949; Safari Dweller #15-586CA; The Magnum #15-576B/B; Chief Cut A Trail #15-978BL
12 Qty 5:  Chief Cut A Trail #15-978BL; The Tracker #15-859GS; Cold Silence #15-944; Safari Dweller #15-586CA; QuickDraw II #15-960B/B
13 Qty 5: Woodpecker #15-994W; Desert Silence #15-950; Chief Cut A Trail #15-978BL; Safari Dweller #15-586CA; The Tracker #15-859GS
14 Qty 5: The Mystic #16-036; Single Action #16-204RT; Quad-Force II Tactical #16-150PW; Homeland Heroes #16-654EMS; Bucksnort Folder #16-007PW
15 Qty 4: The Mystic #16-036; The Maltese #16-261BL; Lever Action #16-613RT; Band of Brothers #16-617PW;
16 Qty 4: The Mystic #16-036; Homeland Heroes #16-654EMS; Deer Valley Jr. Skinner #16-631W;The Maltese #16-261BL;
17 Qty 4: Homeland Heroes #16-654LE; The Mystic #16-036; Groundtech #16-795T; Sunrise Folder #16-845R
18 Qty 3: Combat Ranger #16-658CA; Stonetech #16-808T; Homeland Heroes #16-654LE
19 Qty 3: Homeland Heroes #16-654FF; The Mystic #16-036; Night Fall #16-895T
20 Qty 4: The Mystic #16-036; Homeland Heroes #16-654FF; Sunrise Folder #16-845R;Delta Command Tactical #16-675S
21 Qty 4: Swiss Style Knife #23900-7BL; Whitetail Curlery #WT-0870CA; Gentle Folder WT-176B;Barracuda Tactical Knife #TA459B/B
22 Qty 4: Tiger Knife #K124; Barracuda Tactical Knife #TA459B/B; The Apache TA454B; Swiss Style Knife #23900-7BL
23 Qty 4: Zeppelin Folder #18-027B; The Revolution #18-0499B/GB;True Blue #18-262BL; Buck Shot Folder #18-285B
24 Qty 4: Zeppelin Folder #18-027B; Gear Shift #18-083PW; Western Range Folder #18-060RT; Breakout Folder #18-282B
25 Qty 12 in Box includes 9 Little Gator #15-285B and 3 Stingers #15-862B
26 Navy Seal Tanto #15-865B
27 Triple Thrower TK086-90BK3
28 Specialist #15-548RUB in green box
29 Indian Hatchet – grey tape on handle – cover on blade
30 Arapaho Bowie in box  #15-559
31 Sarco File Dagger  10″ overall  5″ blade
32 Barracuda knife with blade cover
33 Boot Dagger with black leather case  8 1/2″ overall length
34 Old Timer Schrade  USA with brown leather case
35 Chipaway Survial Knife, 12″ long with Leather Sheath, Pakistan
36 Qty 2: Neck Tie Bolo Knife; PIC stainless 8″ folding knife Japan
37 Camping knife in black holder
38 1 pc. Multi-tool in black holder, silver color
39 Master Mechanic  tool  – blue color – in black belt holder case
40 Hibben Cord Grip Triple Thrower Set with Hibben Throwing Guide Book
41 12″ overall length folding knife with wood handle in black belt holder
42 Old Timer – Schrade – green – in black belt holder
43 Steel Warrior #SW-139ASB
44 Whitetail Cutlery Gator Knife  WT-600CI
45 Qty 1: Mtech USA Xtreme – MXA801BK
46 Qty 2: Mtech USA Xtreme – MXA801BK; Master Cutlery MC-1040GY
47 Master Cutlery Knife, black color
48 Sabre Stainless Steel (Japan) 616
49 Old Timer – double blade – Schrade 330T
50 Imperial – Providence, RI – double blade – blade and silver color
51 Sabre Ireland double blade knife – black and silver color
52 Pakistsan knife (double blade); 2 black knife holders; 1 black bag
53 Qty 2: TAC Force Speedster Model Collector’s Series Super Knife – red and black – TF-736RDF; green handle folding knife
54 Delta Five Combat Series – 440 SS design by Shane Sloan – folding knife   #SS-D1
55 Qty 2: Yellow Ridge Runner; small black handled knife
56 Qty 2: Western States Boulder, CO knife – double blade, one blade broken; Rostfrei  black folding knife
57 Black multi tool medical advertising
58 Qty 2: Rostfrei Barracuda black handle folding knife; Red handled multi tool set;
59 Qty 2: red/silver small pocket knife; Red Star “Swiss Army Knife” style
60 Qty 2: Swiss Army Knife style – stainless; wood/brass folding knife
61 Little Shamikens in box:  only 2 knives in box – 2 are missing
62 Folding knife – brown wood look – screw missing from handle; black nylon sheath
63 mini daggar in black leather snap sheath
64 Germany 3 1/2″ blade folding knife with black sheath
65 Kissing Crane KC-47 Germany Rostfrei folding knife
66 Sheath knife made in Spain with decorative handle
67 Large Hunting knife SW906-185 with wall mount
68 Black folding case with 18 assorted knives
101 Qty 20: misc foreign coins
102 Qty 20: misc foreign coins
103 Qty 20: misc foreign coins
104 Qty 23: misc Canadian coins
105 Qty 20: misc foreign coins
106 Qty 3: 1950 D Half Dollar; 1966 Quarter; 1979 Nickel
107 Qty 19: misc France coins
108 Qty 7: Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica; El Salvador; Honduras
109 Qty 11: Liberta Franc
110 Qty 11: Misc Oriental coins
111 Qty 7: Angola, Chili, Italy misc coins
112 Qty 30: Misc foreign coins
113 Qty 13:  Phillipines; Hong Kong, Helvetica; Letzeburg; Malaysia; Pakistan
114 Qty 15 Misc Foreign coins





Terms: Cash, good check or major credit card.
 Purchases need to be removed from Kenwood Hall on auction day.  Auctioneers: John Omli, Bill Oswalt, Kevin Krehbiel, Tyler EmeryAnnouncements day of auction take precedence over printed material.Auction conducted by Omli and Associates, Inc.
604 Barney at Broadway, Salina, KS  67401
785-825-1316 or 1-800-499-6182 

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